Point Level Measurement

Non-Contact Liquid Level Bin-Dicator® control is a low cost, floatless, pressure sensitive, diaphragm actuated switch that automates the filling and emptying of containers. The actuated switch requires 5” of head pressure on the riser for actuation. Durable, trouble-free performance is assured because none of the few moving parts come in contact with the liquid. A standard 1” pipe and coupling is all that is required for top of the vessel mounting on almost any size or shape vessel.

Specification Sheets:

Technical Specification

Housing and CoverPolyester Coated Aluminum Casting
Pressure ChamberPolyester Coated Aluminum Casting 1” NPT
DiaphragmTeflon® Faced Neoprene Switch: Standard SPDT Snap Action Switch (Dry Contact)
Rated15 amp resistive @ 125, 250 or 480 VAC, 1 H.P. @ 125 VAC, 2 H.P. @ 250 VAC, ½ amp @ 125 VDC, ¼ amp @ 250 VDC
Temperature Rating32° to 160° F (0° to 71° C)

Product Details

Floatless, pressure-actuated switch

Automate the filling and emptying of containers by using this diaphragm type, pressure-actuated level switch that senses the presence or absence of liquid.

Top or Side Mounted

Can be mounted on the top or the side of a tank; for top mounted a standard 1 in. pipe and coupling is all that is required, for side mounting, a standard 90 degree aluminum pipe elbow and coupling should be used.

Technology: Diaphragm Switch
Applications: Liquid level detection


Specification Sheets: