Material Handling

BIN-FLO® - Material Handling - Img - Bindicator


The Bin-Flo® aerator is a simple and efficient means of introducing low pressure air into any dry finely ground material. The air is equally distributed in controlled quantities to give the material the ability to flow by gravity from bins, hoppers or chutes. Bin-Flo® aerators incorporate non-clogging diffusers, an integral orifice and construction features which assure long, maintenance-free life.

Flo-Guard™ - Material Handling - Img - Bindicator


Bindicator’s Flo-Guard™ is a stable and reliable Broken Bag Detector and a Flow/No-Flow Switch for dry, powdered, and granular materials. The Flo-Guard uses a floating alarm point reference and a digital triboelectric microcontroller to eliminate instability common in other flow switches.