Communication Devices

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InvisiLink™ Wireless Radio

InvisiLink™ is a wireless radio solution for devices that communicate via RS-485 or RS-422. A radio is connected to both the measuring device, like a Yo-Yo or controller, and the receiving device, like an ORB. Then the InvisiLink radio sends data back and forth between the devices. This system eliminates the need for cables and conduit connecting a measuring device to a device collecting data. It is also possible to have a single device receive multiple data streams from ‘send’ devices.

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The ORB™ Remote Inventory System transforms inventory and process data into management information that can increase productivity and reduce supply chain costs. By providing a reliable means of gathering and transmitting real-time inventory and process information via your LAN or the Internet, high volumes of data can be securely monitored, retrieved and organized by various users within the plant or remotely.

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The PRD1000 is a multi-purpose, easy to use digital process meter ideal for level, flow rate, temperature, or pressure transmitter applications. It accepts current and voltage signals (e.g. 4-20 mA, 0-10 V). Its has a dual-line 6-digit display, advanced signal input conditioning, function keys, and Modbus RTU serial communications. The basic model includes an isolated 24 VDC transmitter power supply that can be used to power the input transmitter or other devices.