Point Level Measurement

The original electromechanical point level switch, Bin-Dicator® diaphragm-type level controls were the first to enjoy general usage in the industry. Bin-Dicator® controls eliminate bin overflow, empty bins, clogged conveyors, choked elevators and resulting damage and waste.

The Bin-Dicator® control is a pressure actuated switch for use with free flowing bulk materials at atmospheric pressures. Actuation of the switch is the result of pressure exerted by the bulk material against the diaphragm assembly. De-actuation or switch release is a result of the bulk material clearing away from the diaphragm.

Specification Sheets:

Technical Specification

Diaphragm materialNeoprene Rubber, Canvas, Fiberglass, T-302 Stainless Steel, Silicone Rubber, Teflon® Coated Fiberglass
Temperature range processUp to 1000º F (538º C)
SwitchSPDT up to 20 amp resistive @ 250 VAC

Product Details


  • 5 ¾” diameter
  • Teflon or Neoprene diaphragm options
  • Light duty


  • 8” diameter
  • Explosion proof model available
  • Neoprene or SS diaphragm options
  • Medium duty

Model A

  • 10 ¼” diameter
  • Explosion proof model available
  • 7 diaphragm material options
  • Heavy duty

Simple and Rugged Construction

Can be mounted outside the bin for lower installation costs.

Simple Operating Mechanism

Makes entire unit readily accessible for inspection, resulting in lower maintenance costs.

Many Variations Available

For use in a wide range of dry materials and conditions of temperature, corrosion and moisture.

SPDT Switch

No need to power electronic


Specification Sheets: