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The PRD1000 is a multi-purpose, easy to use digital process meter ideal for level, flow rate, temperature, or pressure transmitter applications. It accepts current and voltage signals (e.g. 4-20 mA, 0-10 V). Its has a dual-line 6-digit display, advanced signal input conditioning, function keys, and Modbus RTU serial communications. The basic model includes an isolated 24 VDC transmitter power supply that can be used to power the input transmitter or other devices.

The analog input can be scaled to display the process in up to two different scales; for example the main display could indicate level in feet and the second display could indicate the volume in gallons. The two relays can be used for alarm indication or process control applications, such as pump alternation control. The upper display can be programmed to indicate PV, maximum (peak), minimum (valley), alternating maximum/minimum, one of two alarm set points, or Modbus input. The lower display can also be configured to display engineering units, set points, user defined legends, or simply turned off. There are three function keys available to the user. These keys can be programmed to trigger certain events (i.e. acknowledge alarms, reset max and/or min, disable/ enable output relays, or hold current relay states), provide direct menu access points, and more.

Specification Sheets:

Technical Specification

Power Options 85-265 VAC 50/60 Hz, 90-265 VDC, 20 W max
Operating temperature range -40 to 65°C
Inputs Field selectable: 0-20, 4-20 mA, ±10 VDC (0-5, 1-5, 0-10 V), Modbus PV (Slave)
Protocol Modbus® RTU
Display 6 digits, red LEDs
Display Intensity Eight intensity levels

Product Details


Dual line display, multi-purpose meter that can be configured to display unique settings and requirements; including setting decimal places, units, 4-20mA span, relay actions, etc


Allows a 2-wire level sensor, such as the Bindicator TDR-2000 guided wave radar, to be powered and have an additional data display at the silo or at another location.

A multi-purpose, easy to use display meter and power supply with optional relay outputs.


This optional accessory provides additional wiring options with Modbus RTU communication to a PLC or other devices such as the ORB.


  • 85-265 VAC or 12/24 VDC
  • Zero or two (2) Relays
  • Sunbright Display
  • Plastic, NEMA 4X Enclosure
  • RS-485 Serial Adapter


Specification Sheets: